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22 06 14

Caves, p96

New part, new fart. I’d foreshadow things here, but that’s kinda late right? (previous)

The wyvern just kept on crawling, slowly but steadily, seemingly no end to its stamina. The path was getting more windy, but its slope never got less steep. Mitchell was starting to doze off again. When he was in risk of falling, the wyvern woke him before moving on.
Mitchell’s short and haphazard naps were made more uncomfortable when the temperature started rising. He paid more attention to his surroundings for a while. The tunnel was branching more often and a faint glow could be seen in some of the side paths. ‘Hey,’ Mitchell wiped the sweat off his forehead. ‘We almost there yet?’ No response. The wyvern was busy inspecting every tunnel it passed, looking for the one they needed to take. After briefly stopping, it entered one to the right.

They occasionally passed by a stream of magma. Though it didn’t go unnoticed by Mitchell, he was busy paying attention to other things. There seemed to be a small, gentle breeze blowing, and it wasn’t the one created by their movement. There was something about the air around them… Something distinctly fresh, healthy-smelling. The tunnel seemed to be getting ever so slightly more illuminated as they travelled as well.

A few turns later, and that ever so slightly turned into a lot. Mitchell had no problem seeing his surroundings, they even were a bit harsh on the eyes. The brightness kept increasing as they moved on, forcing both Mitchell and the wyvern to squint. He was holding his hand in front of his eyes as they made the last turn, crawled up almost vertically, and got enveloped in blinding light.

His eyes managed to adjust enough for him to be able to see again. He looked up. A bright blue sky with an even brighter sun in the center of it. He felt the wind blow, smelt its unique scent, and tasted a speck of dirt in his mouth.
After admiring the sky for a few minutes, he inspected his surroundings. They were located in a large crater. The terrain was a dark grey, and in some places pools of lava were bubbling up. A volcano?
The wyvern started moving again before Mitchell had taken it all in, nearly making him fall. He managed to grab hold just in time. Mitchell was still busy taking in the sights as the wyvern started climbing the wall of the crater. Upon reaching its edge, he dropped himself down and let out a sigh.

Trying to take it all in, Mitchell felt like his head was exploding. The view took his breath away. A lush forest, golden beaches, the glistering sea, and a small city all within sight.
A small city!
Mitchell impulsively jumped off the wyvern and started sprinting down the hill. But after three quick steps, his sprint came to an abrupt halt. He looked back at the wyvern. It was exhausted, but content in absorbing the warmth provided by the sun. After taking a rest, it would probably venture back into the caves.
He turned towards the city again. Vaguely he could make out noises of cars, bustling market places and wailing sirens. He had found the surface. He had made it back. He could return home, after all that time. How long had it been? Half a year? A year? Would people still miss him?
His eyes went to the wyvern again. Not the wyvern per se, but what it represented. His way back into the caves. He had a life there, too. He had made a number of great friends, managed to find some enemies, experienced highs and lows. Not to mention, he still had unfinished business to take care of.

‘Thanks for the trip.’ Mitchell said, patting the wyvern on the side of its head. ‘But I’d like to go back home now.’

Impactful enough for the “twist”, y/n? I tried, but some parts didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. (next)
~ Fang


  • 23/06/2014 (4:25 PM)

    Hmmm. Good chapter, solid writing. But I do wonder, you aren’t turning this into M. Night Shyamalamadingdong’s The Village, are you?

    • 23/06/2014 (4:31 PM)

      I just glossed over the summary. No, not really? I don’t think so, at least?

  • 23/06/2014 (7:23 AM)

    There’s one tiny mistake where you say “him sprint” instead of “his sprint”. Other than that it’s a fine chapter.

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