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Sick fires
18 06 14

Caves, p95

Schoolwork sucked the life out of me today. Luckily I got an outline of this (and the next) part in my head already, so I won’t have to do much heavy lifting. (previous)

Not long after their departure, the wyvern’s path led them downward. Steeply. The tunnel they were in twisted and turned, but never once did it go horizontal. Despite being able to hold onto the thick spikes on the wyvern’s back, Mitchell still struggled staying put. Most of the ride would have been spent in complete silence, only the continuous clawing of the wyvern heard, if it wasn’t for his occasional grunts of discomfort.
‘You really have no way of telling me where we’re headed?’ He asked. Remaining seated was getting a little easier. ‘I will be able to get back home, right?’ His scaled steed huffed. ‘That… sounds like a yes?’

As they moved further down, gravity seemed to weaken. Mitchell felt he could easily be flung off if he didn’t hold on tight, and the wyvern’s tail sounded like it was making progressively less contact with the floor.
And then the wyvern stopped.
It stretches its claws as far forward as it could and gripped them into the rock. Its tail folded up into a spring-like shape, as it had done when it fought Mitchell for the second time. Mitchell noticed. It was going to jump.
Mitchell was just in time to secure himself by firmly grabbing onto what he could. After the sudden burst of forward momentum, the wyvern spread its wings and swung its tail behind it as if swimming in the air. The walls of the tunnel flashed by in a blur and the wyvern slowly rotated. After it had made half a turn, they started slowing down. It touched the ceiling with its tail to lose more speed so it could claw into the rock.
They stuck to the ceiling.

Over that small distance, gravity had flipped. Where they were descending just five minutes ago, they were now climbing upwards. Mitchell looked behind him. He couldn’t see much, but it still looked to be the same straight pathway they were traveling before.
‘Holy shit. That was pretty cool.’

I’m so boned if it turns out I got my theoretical physics wrong here. Leave a comment to let me know what you think this means! (next)
~ Fang


  • 19/06/2014 (7:29 PM)

    pretty cool…have not read any of your stuff before but took mark up on the offer…eh, dont know much theoretical physics so i will just appreciate the vignette…will have to catch up a few pages to see the relationship between the wyvern and the character…

    • 19/06/2014 (9:36 PM)

      I strongly recommend you start from the beginning for the full experience. Thanks for reading!

  • 19/06/2014 (2:44 AM)

    I’m not good with theoretical physics. If it sounds right, then it’s probably right. It does sound like a pretty cool ride.

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