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10 06 14

Caves, p93

Outs are for pussies. Let’s keep going. (previous)

The wyvern tapped its tail on the ground. Mitchell wasn’t sure what it was getting at. ‘I did what I could?’ He was mostly just monologuing. ‘I could’ve done so much more. Maybe I could’ve made things better. The whole situation, everything.’ He looked over at his… conversational partner. It appeared oddly critical, as if expecting more. ‘Too ambitious? Not good enough? What is it?’

He sat up straight and reached for one of his pockets. He pulled out a gun. The gun of that one asshole. The gun Andrea was shot with. It had some red stains on it, which Mitchell tried brushing off with little success. He threw it on the ground in front of him.
‘Didn’t even know they had these down here. Never seen anybody use ’em, even though swords and bows are no match for these things.’ His eyes stared at it, but he wasn’t looking. ‘I’m sure those guys worked under Warren, which makes this even weirder.’

He turned towards the wyvern. ‘Are you even listening? Is it okay if I ramble on like this?’ It had turned itself more towards Mitchell, head stretched forward and eyes open wide. ‘Good.’

‘I mean, I don’t even know what the man’s deal is.’ Mitchell continued. ‘He told me this and that, but what can I believe? He runs the guild, he runs the town, but what for? A huge percentage of job rewards goes his way, and I don’t think anybody knows what for!’ He picked up the gun again, inspecting it more closely for the first time. It appeared hand-crafted, not very professionally at that. ‘Sure, the guild’s members drink a lot, but it can’t be that big a money sink. Warren himself isn’t living very richly either.’

‘And don’t even get me started on “the surface”.’ He ominously waved his hands around in the air as he spoke. The wyvern lifted its head as if its curiosity had been piqued. ‘I don’t even want to go back anymore, but that’s no reason to just accept it for how it appears. I want to know what’s going on, and Warren isn’t exactly eager to share his information.’ Mitchell sighed. ‘I feel like beating it out of him.’

It feels pretty bad to raise these concerns this way, but I think I haven’t made them clear/obvious enough yet. The rewrite will fix this, if it ever comes! (next)
~ Fang


  • 12/06/2014 (2:14 AM)

    Outs aren’t for pussies. Outs are for people who make mistakes. LIKE KILLING OFF LOVEABLE CHARACTERS. Though, seriously, go for it. Keeping her dead will probably make for a better story. I think this method of getting things out is fine. The Wyvern is cool.


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