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02 06 14

Caves, p91

You are probably wondering, how do I still have time for Caves? I don’t. I don’t have time for Caves. (previous)

It slowly crawled forward as it realized Mitchell had seen it. Its belly scraped over the ground as it stayed low, though there was still some space between it and the ceiling. Every time it clawed into the ground and moved itself forward, Mitchell tensed up a little more. He wasn’t up for this. Not now. Not ever again, actually. He hadn’t felt too good about using them in his fear-mongering campaign, but found comfort in the fact he hadn’t killed them, though he probably couldn’t.
The wyvern had now stepped into the soft light, allowing Mitchell a much better look. It seemed to be the wyvern he had seen before, encountering it for the third time now. Despite having plenty of room above its head, it still hadn’t raised it much. Without moving further, it even laid down and stared at Mitchell somewhat expectantly.

Mitchell threw a few quick glances around the area to see if there was anything he was missing. Nothing out of the ordinary. ‘Uh… Hey?’ His voice was shaking, but the message came across. The wyvern’s eyes opened a little wider and it slightly repositioned its body. Its claws were now at its sides, causing the wings to fold tightly against its torso. Its tail curved around, and was laying by its left side, the tip occasionally twitching.

His legs were getting a bit wobbly and the creature blocking his way didn’t appear to be going anywhere soon, so Mitchell decided he’d sit down as well. The wyvern interpreted this as mirroring of its behavior and thought it a good idea to move things along. Slowly, not tense but at leisure, it raised its body from the ground again and crawled towards the meadow. It stopped moving when Mitchell flinched, but resumed shortly. It made as large a circle around Mitchell as possible, but never broke eye contact.
After reaching Andrea’s grave, it hung its head above it and opened its mouth. Carefully, it exhaled, gently swaying the blades of grass in the vicinity. As the warm air cooled down and settled, the grass started changing color. Subtle at first, it didn’t take long for the change to become plainly visible. The grass was getting greener. Healthier.

This is all I really have time for. Are we enjoying the cliche “human befriends mighty beast” plot-line here? (next)
~ Fang


  • 03/06/2014 (2:18 AM)

    Yes Fang, yes we are. But it’s okay because Wyverns are majestic as fuck and that was a beautifully touching moment. As far as grammar goes; the last sentence of the first paragraph feels too much like a run on sentence.

    There are also a few passive sentences, which is when the action comes second. Actions are supposed to come first. Either that or I’m just really tired.

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