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God damn game design. GDGD.

You know that great pal that’s also into game development? We’re working on a thing! Take that in a broad sense though. We planned to do a collaborative project this summer, but wanted to get everything school-related out of the way first. There’s still a couple things that need finishing, but we currently have some spare time here and there, so we figured, why not, let’s lay a bit of foundation already. We both already had an idea of what kind of game we want to make, so I whipped out one of the game design document templates I saved, and we started shaping the game.

To get the hype going and for easy future reference, the project’s codenamed Cardio. As I said, we’re currently in the early design phase, fleshing out the concept, messing around with base mechanics. It’s nice being able to bounce the ball back and forth, “hey this is a cool idea right?”, “yeah but why not do it this way?”. It’s refreshing, it’s great for productivity, and instant feedback’s just nice in general.

But we’re getting to the point where some tougher choices will have to be made. Do we implement this X or Y way? Do we implement it at all? It’s mainly juggling with powers the player can obtain and choose to use. The stronger ones shouldn’t be overpowered, but still feel meaningful and satisfying to use. But most powers aren’t permanent. What about rare ones, like those you obtain from tough boss battles? We don’t want to pull those away from the player before they’ve made a strong impact. In fact, there’s rarely any scenario in which you’d be eager to use your super rare yet powerful power, knowing it’ll be stripped a little later on.

We’re slowly getting there, but I wish we could actually playtest all our options in a prototype. Thing is, the play experience is large yet cohesive. Most of the thing we’re struggling with right now are that way so they synergize nicely with the other game elements. They should, at least. Whipping up a prototype for this just doesn’t seem feasible.

Maybe changing the elements around the trouble-makers could provide a solution? They all stand rather solidly though. As in, I think they’re quite good right now.
~ Fang


  • 19/06/2014 (2:50 AM)

    Seems like a pretty dick move to take a power away. If I’ve read that right. It does sound like you’ve got some ideas though. It’s good to have someone to bounce them around with too. It should end up being something good.

  • 17/06/2014 (9:01 AM)

    Sounds like a plan. Hopefully everything turns out well.

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