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30 06 14

Caves, p98

When we last left our hero, short recaps like these hadn’t been written in ages. (previous)

‘I said not now.’ Warren grumbled. His voice came from under his desk. When Mitchell slammed the door shut, he slowly emerged. He wiped some liquid off his chin. ‘Mitchell,’ he said, barely audible. There was a faint scent of alcohol hanging in the room. ‘I thought you could listen.’
Mitchell ignored his remark. ‘Looks like you heard?’ he said, with his upper lip subtly raised in disgust. ‘About Andrea?’
‘Oh trust me kid, I know all about it!’ He gave his words a lot of emphasis, though there didn’t seem a particular point to it. ‘Heavy news, r-‘
Mitchell interrupted by slamming something onto the table. ‘Then tell me,’ Lifting his hand revealed the gun Andrea was shot with. He had retrieved it from his pocket. ‘You must also know all about this?’

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And sometimes they break at inopportune times.

For example, today a friend asked me how I was doing on the internship front. I told him the current state of affairs, including that I had my portfolio up and online. Sent him the link, visited it myself as well. “Hey, when you click things, does the content change?” “Nope, nothing.” “Same here. Fuck.” The server was being a bit slow, but the tiny script that handles fetching and placing the content on-click didn’t account for that properly, so it would appear as if nothing was happening.

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28 06 14

Rogue Legacy

Picked this gem up while it was a Daily on Steam this Summer Sale. And it’s still 50% off for the next two days!

A friend recommended this game to me, and two days later, it was 75% off on Steam. “Hey, I’m already broke, might as well spend my last few pennies wisely.” And oh how wisely I spent them. I’ve only got little over three hours of playtime on the clock, and I can already say I love this game. Ir’s hard, it’s brutal, but oh so fun.

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But not completely there yet.

Remember that school project I mentioned a while back, where we have to join forces with other teams from our class and use each other’s services? Well, the deadline was Monday, but at the request of the other two teams it got postponed. They said they couldn’t have it ready by then (but we could), and after a brief discussion, we all settled on Wednesday July 2nd. Great, summer vacation postponed by more than a week. Thanks a fucking lot.

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26 06 14

Caves, p97

“That’s almost a hundred!” Yes it is. AAAAAA! (previous)

Mitchell awoke near Andrea’s grave. He felt well-rested, though his muscles still felt a bit sore. He pushed himself up from the ground and recalled the events prior to his much-needed sleep. For a second the disbelief took hold. Surely that couldn’t have really happened? Maybe it was all a dream? He swiftly dismissed those thoughts. ‘Whatever.’ he muttered. He was fairly confident it had all truly happened. And even if that wasn’t the case, he had made up his mind and was ready to start taking action.

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