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Have you heard of Boku No Cactus?

Today I caved in and installed an SEO plugin for WordPress. More specifically, the general one by Yoast.

(We all know what SEO is right? Search Engine Optimization, so search engines like Google can find your site more easily and rank it higher.) I’ve never been a huge SEO nut, so it wasn’t with much pleasure that I admitted to myself, dude, you can do better than this. Luckily there’s a ton of helpful tools and such out there, Yoast’s being one of them (and by far the most popular and recommended). So far, it seems pretty darn good actually.

It gives you a great amount of control over most every little piece of metadata. It has page analysis and everything to help you pick up on things you can improve, a bunch of settings regarding what you allow robots/crawlers to see, sitemap generation, page title templates, and more. Though I won’t necessarily be using it to improve the SEO of every post from here on out, I’ll definitely run some generic improvements, and optimize posts that have already been getting some attention, like the Blogger tips and tricks.

I’m not in it for the views or whatever, but some exposure wouldn’t be too bad. Not going to put a ton of effort into it though, because screw that.
~ Fang


  • 05/05/2014 (5:01 PM)

    Hey, that exposure is great as long as it sticks. Nothing sucks more than empty calories traffic that doesn’t stick around, so once they’re here, make sure those bastards never leave.

  • 05/05/2014 (1:12 PM)

    Hey exposure is good. It’s nice to have a fanbase to build around and there’s nothing wrong with that. Having no readers just gets depressing. I really need to switch over to WordPress. Bah.

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