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18 05 14

It works!

It works, it works! I did a thing, and it works!

Oh man, I never even knew you could submit a form to a target iFrame, instead of having the current window browse away. You can set this iFrame to not display, and then request its contents to see how form submission went. Sounds roundabout, since we can usually do this by just calling a webpage using AJAX, right? It is, but using this method we can get asynchronous file uploading to work neatly in pretty much any browser! More specifically, this means you can now import feeds into your SSR2 account without having to browse away from the reader page. And all you need to do is click a single button and select your file. Amazing!

It was a bit of a struggle finding out the correct way. When I skeptically tried it I didn’t expect too much, and my relative inexperience with jQuery wasn’t helping either. But when I finally, after half an hour of fiddling, got it to work exactly how I wanted it to? Pretty nice dopamine rush! It just felt so good to have it working, especially since this was the last feature I wanted to implemented into SSR2 before calling it done. That’s not counting polish as a feature, of course. I still got some of that left to do.

The project’s once again keeping me from going to bed on time though. G’night!
~ Fang

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