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So today, after months of having the problem around, I finally fixed an issue with a MacPorts port.

For the uninitiated, real quick, MacPorts is a command-line based package that makes installing and managing open-source software on OS X a whole lot easier. It’s essentially a package manager for OS X. Real cool and all, but then an issue got introduced to my system.
When running a command to upgrade all installed “ports” (software packages) to their latest versions, it’d throw an error and stop when it tried upgrading “pango”. To this day I still have no good idea what this package does, but some things that needed upgrading as well depended on it, and so I was left with a lot of old software.

The error message itself was rather nonspecific, showing me some warnings and a bit of code. Oh, yeah, “Error 1” and “Error 2” too. Not much for me to go on, and as you may have guessed, a quick web search didn’t help one bit either. Surely I can’t be the only person to run into this problem?
As time passed, the problem persisted, and my software stayed outdated. Today I had another (fourth) go at it. Instead of doing a web search of my problem, I decided to look up MacPorts’ usual troubleshooting practices. Reinstalling the port? No can do, it face-plants. Deleting it first? Not an option, a lot of other ports depend on this one. Reinstalling MacPorts and all its ports in their entirety? No way, reinstalling and configuring everything’ll take ages!

Fiddling around, I looked up the dependencies of pango, and for whatever reason, decided to upgrade those one by one. The first one threw a similar error, but continued. Hmm. Tried pango again, still no luck. Selected a slightly different version, reinstalled the original one, switched back, boom bam, everything’s fine!
At least, that’s how I guess I did it. In reality I have no real clue as to how I fixed it, but at least it’s working smoothly again.

Future users who encounter a similar problem, sorry for not documenting my solution. I have felt your pain.
~ Fang


  • 13/05/2014 (12:33 AM)

    Well you got the problem fixed and that’s the main thing. Troubleshooting things is helpful but I still have a few things I can’t find solutions to. Well, right now it’s only one thing, and it’s nothing major. It barely scrapes minor, if that. So I’ll get by.

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