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This is really old, but I jus stumbled upon it and it’s simply brilliant.

You Suck at Photoshop is a tutorial series on YouTube. Well, tutorial series. Yes, it teaches you Photoshop basics, and later on some more advanced stuff as well. But it also does something you don’t see often in educative video. It humors you. Throughout the series we catch glimpses of the life of a guy whose relation with his wife isn’t doing too well. This is made apparent through the example images he uses and noise going on in the background.

For those that come for actual Photoshop tips and tricks, don’t worry, he got you covered. The whole comedy that comes with the package doesn’t actually diminish the quality of the content, despite sometimes appearing that way. I think it’s a really great touch. It spices up what would otherwise be rather bland videos, he makes sure you know to use the right tool for the job (instead of the “I guess this will work” ones you’re probably using currently), and it definitely leaves you yearning for more. Sounds like education done right.

Actually the entire channel of the guy’s worth taking a look at. Seems like a lot of short episodes of comedy going on, with way higher quality than he could deliver back in the day. So there’s a channel recommendation, I suppose.

Man, comedy seems like one of the most fun things to make. Too bad it’s still all hard work behind the scenes.
~ Fang

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