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[devving intensifies]

In my house, that is.

After a week alone, and then another week with my sister, the parents have returned home from their two-week vacation. On the one hand, it’s a shame I have to conform to their rules and times for everything again. But I already lost most of that freedom a week a go when my sister came home. On the other hand, it’s nice having the old folks around again, and now I don’t have to do everything by myself anymore. Because, you know, nothing nicer than being able to be lazy?

When suddenly on my own for some time, I always gain more and more respect for my parents, my mother especially. It already felt like a bit of a drag to hang my washed clothing to dry, and that’s just one man’s load if you know what I mean. Multiply that by four, and you get what she’s doing on, what, a bi-weekly basis? And not only that, but she does so much more. Mad props and huge amounts of respect for that and putting up with all our shit all the time.

So hey tomorrow’s Mother’s Day. Hope y’all plan on doing something nice for your mommies. Not saying to buy a shitton of gifts though, the whole thing’s awfully commercialized.
~ Fang


  • Eric
    13/05/2014 (4:07 AM)

    I’m always tempted to mangle the name for the anti spam. Like add -er or -ity at the end.
    or write MANG.

    Can’t walk around naked anymore, eh?

    I read on reddit the other day that
    (this was the link, freshly shortened:
    that about 6 years after Mother’s Day was made a holiday, the woman who started it wanted to end it because of its commercialization.

    • 13/05/2014 (8:37 AM)

      Yeah, I read that. And it’s cool she tried to stop it, but once commerce gets a hold of something, there’s no stopping the pain train.

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