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Time to use GameMaker!

Guess who’s going to do what when?

Okay maybe that’s too little info for you to guess somewhat accurately. A year (or two?) ago, a friend got a voucher for a paintball area thing. Today, he’s finally going to cash it in (before it expires, phew). And I get to join! I’ve never gone paintballing(?) before, so this’ll be interesting. Most similar thing I ever did was laser gaming, so at least I already know I can’t even hit targets 5 meters away from me (which happens to be the minimum allowed firing distance).

It’s been pretty hot out lately, but luckily today seems to be cooling it down a notch. We’ll be fitted with overalls and protective glasses, so it’s bound to become a sweaty mess for all of us. Won’t let that detract from the fun though.
Some people are hyping up about the pain train, but supposedly it doesn’t hurt all that much? A friend described it like getting whipped with a wet towel, then another said it wasn’t even that bad. Good, because I know a certain someone’s out for my blood today.

I’ll obviously report back tomorrow on how the experience once, but I’ll have to cut it short now because I’m about to leave. Well, this wasn’t a quality post anyway.

Enjoy your weekend!
~ Fang


  • 24/05/2014 (4:51 PM)

    You have to shoot from over five metres away? I didn’t know that. I think you’ve probably finished by now so I hope it went well.

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