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Age-old debate. I’m here to add fuel to fire.

In recent times I’ve been hooking up my old DualShock 2 gamepad to my computer pretty often. In part because I’ve invested in a USB adapter for the thing, but also I’m discovering some games, in my opinion, play a bit nicer with a controller, compared to the keyboard controls. Now before you raise your fingers and yell “unpopular opinion!”, let me repeat: some games.

Though I don’t have a strict list of criteria to determine whether I’ll be playing a game with keyboard or controller, there’s a couple I can name that would fit rather well in such a list. For example, though I don’t play them much, most first-person games (especially shooters) I’d much rather play with a mouse, since I simply can’t aim for shit using a controler’s joysticks.
Games with lots of keybindings or a mouse-based control scheme (lots of clicking on-screen) obviously get designated to mouse-keyboard controls as well, but that goes without saying.

On the other hand, if a game’s control scheme is simple enough to allow mapping to a gamepad, I’ll definitely do that. (Built-in gamepad support is a huge plus here.) Most 2D (platformer) games play really nicely like this, in my opinion. Cave Story, Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip, et cetera. But some first-person games fall here, too. If all you do if jump around, maybe pick up a thing or two, and there’s no real clutch aiming or anything, I’ll probably hook up a gamepad as well.

Then again, even if a game would play perfectly with a controller, sometimes I’m just so used to going with a keyboard that gamepad controls feel weird. I generally don’t want to take a week rewiring my brain and resetting my muscle control, so I’ll pass in that case.
All in all though, it comes down to the game, it’s gameplay and control scheme. Layer personal preference on top of that, and I can tell you “stop hating, just use whatever”.

On a whole different note, prettied up SSR2 some more today and added in a small quality of life feature. Hurray!
~ Fang


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      This is why the world has wars.

  • 16/05/2014 (3:39 AM)

    For me it depends on the game too. My mood can also have a bit of an effect. Sometimes I want to just lounge around with a controller. FPS games are pretty good with a mouse. I play Skyrim with a mouse too. But there are several other games I play with my controller. I even bought it just to play games on my PC with.

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