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21/01/2011 never forget

Don’t do what I do, essentially.

So yeah this is something I fail at, even when I talk about topics I consider important or when I really want to get a specific message across. I write my posts more or less in one go, off the top of my head. I usually manage, and feel like it’s a good writing exercise and all, but it pulls the quality of what I write down quite a bit. At least, that’s what I suspect. I don’t plan, I don’t sum up the points I want to make beforehand. Hell, I don’t even write down any ideas I get beforehand, so usually half of ’em are forgotten by the time I get to writing the post.

And that’s terrible. I can sort of permit myself this because of the “one post a day” thing, but that’s also kind of a pitfall right there. A day is more than enough to write a decent post, assuming you have a topic. I shouldn’t cut myself slack because of the quantity of my work. After all, I got the time for it, so why not do it?

So here’s my warning to y’all blogonauts, writers, what have you. Don’t make my mistake, and force yourself to take the time to write content. You’re a creator. Don’t try to get away with doing half work at your job, it’ll benefit you in the long run. Not to mention satisfaction of writing up something good.

Long story short, don’t be a lazy ass and take your time when writing things.
~ Fang


  • 05/05/2014 (1:08 PM)

    If I take my time for writing though then I won’t have time for other things. Like more writing!

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