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Over a month in the making!

Let’s go back to our roots and ramble for a bit about recent happened. Because no structure is the same as having one over here!

Spring break ended, and I had to get up early today for the first time in ages. I set three alarms, but luckily only the first one was needed… this time. As it turns out the lesson was fairly short, but there was a whole lot of fucking around afterwards trying to get things to work. MacPorts came to my rescue when Maven just wouldn’t install, but after that I got stuck again. Currently troubleshooting with the teacher via email, let’s hope we can get this fixed soon. Don’t want to fall behind with the mandatory exercises.

At the time of writing it’s pretty late already. Guess why? Spent some quality time with SSR2 again, got some nice buttons with some sweet colors going on. Did a little more fine-tuning for mobile, but I fear my stylesheet’s getting a tad big. Well, there’s a lot of compressing done, and apparently the server-side is handling things nicely as well. But your average page is still roughly 82 kilobytes, spread out over forty-something requests. Then again, that includes the favicons of all sites in your feed, so there’s a heavy weight to pull. Still, I should probably look into optimizing this and that.
Oh and then there’s the whole thing with im- and exporting feed lists. I’m currently not sure if I can get that out for the initial release. It’ll definitely be added in someday, but I can’t give an estimated time yet.

I’ve been picking up Pokemon X again recently. Figured I should give it another shot, even if it’s just an hour or so a day. It’s going pretty well. Decided to keep a walkthrough next to it so I don’t have to spend hours on end talking to NPCs in the hopes of finding one that gives out items. And I don’t want to miss anything, so it comes in handy. Descriptions in the thing are rather sparse, so it doesn’t spoil much, which is great.

Well, I better try heading off to bed now.
~ Fang

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