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It’s finally happening!

After over two months of inactivity, I finally returned to Geometroids and do what I originally set out to do: finish a game, and give it a bit of polish while you’re at it. And so far, things are looking pretty good! I found some decent music to use on, and generated my own sound effects using the ever popular Bfxr. On top of finally adding sound, I also added some juicy effects like making objects glow when something happens, and shaking the screen when things get destroyed.

And the game actually feels way better to play already. The added visual and audial feedback when destroying geometroids makes it really satisfying, and the peppy music playing in the background gives off a nice feeling as well.
It ain’t perfect though. I obviously had limited choice in music and sound, so it doesn’t all fit together 100%, but I’d say it’s doing pretty well for a bunch of free-to-use tunes and make-shift sound effects.

All that’s really left to do is make a pretty title screen, get the game over screen up to par, tweak gameplay some more and maybe add another splash of juice. Once that’s done I’ll… I’ll have a finished game, can you believe that? Granted, it isn’t anything special (just an almost direct Asteroids clone), but it shows I haven’t been sitting on my butt this whole time and can actually finish something. It’ll look nice on my portfolio (though god forbid they look at the source, it’s kind of a mess by now).

Speaking of which, I should probably release SSR2 soon so I can put it in there as well.
~ Fang


  • 31/05/2014 (3:21 AM)

    It might not be anything really special but it’s still more than anyone who hasn’t ever made a game has done. That’s something my nutritionist told me when I told her I’d sold literally one copy of my book. “Well that’s one more than I ever did.”

    You know what you should do though? Have a voice part that requires me to do it.

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