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Here, too, applies the phrase: oh man oh boy.

As you may know I’ll have to do an internship next year. It’s super exciting, because I’ll finally be able to get some real experience in what will hopefully be one of the more fun areas of work in IT. However, I haven’t found a good, fun-looking internship yet, let alone applied for one. I would love to get into a game programming internship if at all possible, but so far have had a bit of trouble finding offers for that. But then I found this gem. It allows you to search for game companies by country or region, and lo and behold, most offer internships!

They usually require C/C++ knowledge, which I do not have. That’s okay though, I’m willing to learn, and already have experience in a bunch of other languages. But then they ask for a portfolio with gamedev related things. And I haven’t even finished anything decent yet! Geometroids sort of died after getting into the “shit how do I make this menu look good” and “I need sound” phases, Trash Sweeper will need a lot of improvement to be presentable, and most everything else I’ve done is super unfinished, not even worthy of “tech demo” status. (Though I guess what I got for Panic Attack is pretty close to qualifying.)

But at least I’ve done something, right? I have no way of showing it to them without looking like some dumb kid who can’t do more than basic work, but basic work is still work. A friend told me that, since I’m “just” a student, they probably expect me to have done very little, if anything at all, since a lot of people in our class play games and do sports or drink beer in their free time. (Not hating, just saying.) But how well does that average hold up against the average of people who apply for internships there? I mean, gamedev is a field full of motivated folks, right?

I dread having to apply somewhere, because that means having to send in a portfolio that doesn’t even show half of what I’ve done, because most is low-quality trash. (Still better than an empty folio though.) Anyone experiences with or tips for this?
~ Fang


  • 27/05/2014 (6:16 AM)

    I don’t really have any experience but I suggest finishing off Geometroids as much as you can. Even if there’s no sound or anything. You can call it a basic or beta version. They’ll be interested in programming work, and that’s not really related to sound. You can always pull up some free license sound effects and use those for sounds if you have to as well.

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