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Ran into this multiple times today, so why not write a post about it?

When it comes to balancing in video games (making sure there isn’t a thing that’s way more powerful than everything else) there’s a lot of factors to keep in mind. How well does this compare to that, what if we have these two duke it out, etc. All fine and dandy, but what if you have a character that’s much easier to play than other, equally strong characters? It’ll have a much lower skillcap, meaning its base power is unlocked very early on when learning a character. Of course, mastering it can be an entirely different thing, but we won’t focus on that here.

Say you’re me. This means you’re generally not that good at games, you just enjoy playing them. You try a bunch of different characters out, and they’re all pretty okay. You can clear a nice amount of levels with them before dying, and some can even get you into the last stage on “hard” difficulty! But then you come across this one special character, and you breeze through the game with it. Wham boom bam, final boss, done. “Wow, it’s so damn strong!”
Yeah, it’s strong alright, but not overpowered. Thing is, you haven’t really mastered all those other characters yet, so you can’t pull their maximum potential out yet. On average, this “damn strong” character has just about the same damage output as everyone else, yet you seem way better off right away. Looks like it’s just an easy to play character then! Bet there’s still some hidden potential to be unlocked if you get really good at it.

For those wondering, I experienced this very strongly first-hand with the Huntress in Risk of Rain (remember?). She’s way wicked easy to play, since all of her abilities are automatically aimed towards the nearest enemy, and you can keep moving while firing your bow. She brings a very kite-y play-style, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Completely unrelated, there’s this blister-like thing at the tip of my tongue and it’s constantly scraping against the brackets behind my teeth. Ouch.
~ Fang

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