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Caves, p90

Ten more parts and Caves counts a hundred parts. Who knows what that’ll mean! (previous)

Whelhaven came into sight. Its cover was opened to a small crack, indicating it was probably morning again already.
‘I got it from here.’ Mitchell said, still carrying Andrea’s body in his arms. Both he and Roy were completely worn out, having gone a long time without sleep, on top of the physical and mental exhaustion. ‘You can go home now.’ His words slurred a bit, causing him to question if he was still making sense.
Roy put a hand on Mitchell’s shoulder. ‘Are you going to be alright?’ Asking that was more a formality than anything else. They both already knew the answer and the truth.
‘It’s fine, Roy.’ he said as he turned to keep his distance from the town. Right before Roy got out of earshot, Mitchell slowly worded, ‘See you.’

Close by Andrea’s secret spot, in a dead end tunnel, was a small meadow. They had found it after accidentally taking a wrong turn once. Though the grass’ yellow tint made it look slightly sick, it gave off an oddly pleasant aroma. He laid Andrea’s body down in it. Though his arms were still covered in blood, it was now fully dried and could easily be scraped off. He didn’t bother.
It took a few minutes of staring at the small plot of land for him to pick a nice spot. He settled for the top of the small, only hill there was, over to the side, and started digging. He didn’t have anything on him he could use as a shovel, so his hands had to suffice.

The third rock completed the stack. It wasn’t much, but it was as good a gravestone as he could give her. Devoid of all strength, he dropped his body down next to it. He felt like he needed to cry, and his eyes were tearing up a little, but there simply wasn’t any energy left for more. The light from the brightstone above was the only thing keeping him awake.

Scratch-like noises came from the tunnel. Mitchell opened his eyes and sat upright. He could make out a vague silhouette in the distance, along with an occasional familiar glint. No, it couldn’t be. He broke a shard off the brightstone in his pouch and hurled it into the corridor. It didn’t fly very far, but provided enough light to see the creature that was stalking him. A wyvern.

Reading this back it actually seems kind of macabre? (next)
~ Fang


  • 02/06/2014 (6:35 PM)

    Very dark, but not necessarily a bad thing. From the grammar nazi:

    “Though his arm were still covered in blood”

    I believe you mean though his arm(s) were still covered in blood?

  • 30/05/2014 (1:41 AM)

    Well. Fuck. That’s pretty much all that can be said here. It’s kinda macabre sure but it’s at a very macabre part of the story. It’s going to happen.

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