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25 05 14

Caves, p89

I’m a sad writer writing with the tears I cry. (previous)

‘We got the thing!’ With the root in hand, they barged into Lenart’s house. Though he wasn’t anywhere to be seen, Andrea was still situated on the couch. Something about her looked… different.
‘Sorry.’ Lenart entered the room, bringing an uncomfortable air with him. The root was dropped to the floor. ‘She had already lost too much blood.’ Though the sentence was spoken in a fluid and calm manner, every individual word felt like a boulder crashing onto the floor. ‘She could never have made it.’
Mitchell slumped down next to Andrea’s body. Upon grabbing her hand, he flinched. It was already cooling down. He held the limb against his head and screamed. The screaming turned into loud groaning and eventually soft weeping.

‘Why-‘ Roy almost choked trying to hold back his tears. It wasn’t working. ‘Why even send us to get that root then?’
Lenart, speaking very matter-of-factly, explained, ‘Having loved ones around can cause her spirit to linger.’
Mitchell looked up. ‘What?’ It was a low grumbling, barely audible. ‘What?’ he repeated himself, a bit louder.
‘I expected you to not understand.’ He sat down in one of his chairs, leaned back, and stared up at the ceiling. ‘Sending you away with false hope was my best option for securing her freedom.’
Grabbing onto the couch, Mitchell pulled himself up. ‘What the fuck is wrong with you?’ he exclaimed. ‘I could’ve been there, for her!’ He took a step towards Lenart. ‘I could’ve- I don’t know!’
After he took another step, Roy grabbed him by the shoulder. ‘Mitch, slow breaths.’ Without noticing it he had been breathing very rapidly. His face had turned red and his fists were clenched and sweaty. Mitchell complied when he realized this, and focussed on his breathing for a bit.

For a short while, the three just sat there. All staring at nothing in particular. All trying to deal with the recent events.
‘We should…’ Roy started. ‘Probably head back.’ He rubbed his legs before standing up.
Mitchell looked at Andrea’s corpse. ‘Don’t we-‘ He wiped his arm across his face, but it was only a matter of seconds before it was soaked again. ‘I think she… We- we should… What do-‘ He couldn’t find the words for it, but what he was asking was apparent.
‘Whelhaven has a cemetery.’ Roy suggested. ‘Or maybe you… know a spot she’d like?’
‘Yeah.’ He stood up and slowly moved over to Andrea. Small steps. He closed his eyes as he slid his arms under her to pick her up. Her cold skin sent a chill deep down his spine, but he persevered and carried her to the door. Roy held it open for him. Before he walked out, he turned his head to Lenart. ‘Thanks for… Whatever.’

So this is something I’m kind of struggling with doing, especially since (at least in my head) she was a really likable character, and writing stuff like this is super depressing, but I hope this is best for the story. Andrea 2013-2014 never forget. (next)
~ Fang


  • 26/05/2014 (3:50 PM)

    Died of blood loss? I actually (kind of) called it? Wow, that’s crazy! You up and killed a main character. That’s cold, man!

    Like Mark, I’m just curious to see where you take this. Seeing as how you really threw a wrench into the story.*

    *This isn’t a criticism. Wrenches can definitely be a good thing

  • 26/05/2014 (3:14 PM)

    Very touching and emotional. Nice job.

  • 26/05/2014 (6:03 AM)

    No. Just. No. Magic revival. Now. No. She was a very, very likeable character.

    Though in all seriousness if you think it’s what the story needs then go for it dude.

    • 26/05/2014 (7:38 AM)

      “No. Just. No.”
      Sounds like mission accomplished, right here.

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