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Caves, p87

Whoops yeah need to quickly write this before friends come over. Like the wind! (previous)

The village appeared fairly quiet, almost deserted even. Mitchell, still with a now unconscious Andrea in his arms, swiftly located Lenart’s house. Upon reaching it, he gave a couple quick taps against its entrance with his foot.
‘I don’t think anyone’s home Mitch.’ Roy said after a short while, worried. ‘This place seems empty.’
Not a second after, the door slowly opened. Before letting them in, Lenart assessed the situation. ‘Here we go again.’ he mumbled.
‘Lenart you have to help us.’ Mitchell started as soon as they got inside. ‘Andrea’s been shot and she’s losing blood and unconscious and we tried to fix it but we can’t but she-‘

‘I know.’ With firm words Lenart interrupted him. ‘I can see that. Calm yourself.’ He looked around the room and stepped over to a shelf. ‘Lay her down.’ he said while gesturing at what appeared to be a couch. He returned with a long piece of cloth and a knife. He cut away the wrapping Roy had applied, and replaced it with his own. After checking her pulse and breathing, among other things, he turned to the boys who were anxiously pacing around his house. ‘On the other side of the village,’ he said, pointing in the direction of his door, ‘You’ll find a house similar to this one. it has a small garden next to it. Leola lives there. Explain the situation to her and tell her I sent you. Bring back what she gives you.’

The two complied and hurried out the door. Roy had trouble keeping up with Mitchell, who was running as fast as he could. He had grabbed onto a small sliver of hope, and wasn’t about to let go of it. He didn’t want to lose her. Not this soon. Not ever.

Lenart’s a nice guy. Patches the sick and wounded up, no questions asked. (next)
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  • 19/05/2014 (6:16 PM)

    I love Mitchell’s long rambling sentence as soon as he sees Lenart. Pure word vomit. And it’s great, because it really conveys his panic and his urgency without having to spell it out further. I always say that good dialogue can tell a story just as good as good description, so well done.

  • 19/05/2014 (12:53 PM)

    Well he didn’t need to ask any questions because the first words out of Mitchell’s mouth were helpfully “She’s been shot”. Mitchell needs to learn how to do this healing stuff. Though not really because overpowered main characters suck.

    Says the guy with two immortal main characters.

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