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09 05 14

Caves, p85

The “whoops I drank a little with my parents but still have to write this thing” edition. This can’t turn out well. (previous)

Roy managed to descend the unstable heap of gravel without sustaining any serious injuries. Arriving at its foot, he turned around and brushed the back of his sword through it. Not a lot of effort was required to tear apart the should-be rigid mass. ‘Whatever they used to try and keep this together,’ he loudly stated as he waved the two partners over, ‘It doesn’t hold up well against water.’
‘It must be… raining out there, right?’ Andrea asked. Standing just outside the downpour, she looked up. Not much light was coming from the surface, only barely enough to make the clouds in the sky visible. They were very dark, yet had a distinct blue hue. She held her hand out under it, the impact the droplets of water made felt surprisingly heavy. ‘Must be the stuff they were spraying on earlier that’s dissolving now.’ She kicked some of the topmost pebbles around. ‘Think this is our chance?’
‘Best one we’ve seen so far.’ Mitchell said as he started hacking at the heap with a small dagger. ‘Better use it while it lasts.’

Half an hour passed, and the cleanup crew had already made a lot of progress. Large chunks of the would-be gravel pillar were missing, the parts they supported threatening to cave in. Its height had been reduced drastically, and most of its contents were now spread out horizontally.
‘Hey!’ A heavy voice yelled. ‘What’ya think you’s doin’?’ It was the guy from earlier. His brothers weren’t with him, but he was intimidating enough on his own.
Mitchell looked around the cave, as if searching for someone or something to put the blame on. ‘Nothing?’ Uncertainty in his voice. ‘Nothing.’ He repeated, and softly let out a nervous laugh at his comical reply.
Andrea took a few steps forward. ‘Who’s asking?’ She obviously wasn’t too scared of the man.
‘Ain’t it obvious?’ He repeated his own words from yesterday, with an annoying tone added on to mimic Andrea’s voice. ‘Don’t be givin’ me ya shit!’ He shouted as he stepped forward. ‘Ya can’t just do this, y’all need to pay!’
She laughed. ‘Says y-‘

From his pants’ pocket the man produced a small device, vaguely shaped like a gun. A small amount of light reflected off it as he, in a couple swift motions, prepared it for use and aimed it at Andrea.
As he saw the trigger being pulled, Mitchell gasped, but there wasn’t much more he could do. A loud bang caused him to flinch, and when he opened his eyes after blinking, blood was gushing out of Andrea’s leg.

Wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, so that’s something. (next)
~ Fang


  • 12/05/2014 (3:54 PM)

    Shot in the leg? Ouch! You’d better do something about this, Mitchell.

  • 10/05/2014 (3:22 AM)

    At least it’s just her leg so there’s a pretty good chance she’ll live, which is good.

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