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Caves, p84

Happy Cinco de Mayo, biches. (previous)

Mitchell and Andrea arrived at the same time, Roy was already there. ‘Morning you two. Slept well?’ he asked.
‘You bet!’ Andrea exclaimed. She seemed very well-rested.
‘Heh, speak for yourself.’ Mitchell told her. ‘You snore too loudly.’
She laughed and hit Mitchell on his back, then leaned forward to whisper to Roy, ‘I don’t actually snore, he’s just making that up.’
Roy smiled at their antics, but quickly moved onto the job at hand. ‘So what do you need me for again?’
‘Yeah.’ Mitchell started, as they began moving out of town. ‘There’s a group of guys building some nasty structure. It’s obtrusive and brings about problems, so we need it demolished.’ He let this sit in his own mind for a few seconds. ‘Maybe we could also use a hand with scaring those guys off? We’ll see.’
‘And that’s why you need me, so I can swing my heavy sword around and break stuff?’ He took his sword off his back and proudly swung it around a bit, with a single hand.
‘Looks like you’ve been training.’ Andrea remarked. ‘Great!’
‘Well I don’t plan on fighting any people with it, if that’s where you’re going with this.’

A couple hours later the group arrived at the construction site. It appeared abandoned. Not much progress had been made, the part that Mitchell had broken hadn’t been fixed yet and rain was pouring down on the whole thing from above.
‘See the scaffold-like thing in the middle?’ Mitchell pointed at it with his hand. ‘It isn’t too sturdy, guess it mainly functions as a way to keep the gravel in place ’til it hardens.’
‘And if I knock that over, it’s all done?’ Roy asked as he started climbing the gravel that had already been placed. The rain that dropped down on him felt warm, though slightly acidic. He held his sword with both hands and threw its blade into the structure. The pillar he had hit audibly cracked, and the next hit broke it completely. After gently swaying for a short amount of time, part of it came crashing down, only barely missing Roy.
‘Nice work!’ Mitchell shouted to him. ‘Get the other side too and we’ve really put ’em behind!’
Roy managed to do some serious damage with a single swing this time. After admiring his handiwork he descended the hill. When he was halfway down, the gravel under his left foot suddenly caved in, leaving a somewhat shallow hole, broad enough for his foot to fall into. Roy softly spoke an ‘ow’ as his ankle twisted slightly because of this. ‘What the hell?’ He gave a few hard stomps on the gravel underneath him. Most of these caused more cave-ins. On some of the deeper pebbles, he could spot a thin layer of grey liquid. ‘Guys! I think your problem’s solving itself!’

But then suddenly, it stopped raining. (next)
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  • 06/05/2014 (12:47 AM)

    Awwwww shit things are kicking off! Also, slightly disappointed no jokes about them not getting much rest the night before due to shenanigans.

    • 06/05/2014 (6:34 AM)

      Well that’s actually what I was trying to imply, but in hindsight it may be a bit too subtle.

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