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01 05 14

Caves, p83

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Downstairs, Mitchell found Roy looking at the job board. ‘Roy,’ he called out. ‘I got a job that’s perfect for you and your way big sword.’
‘Oh hey man!’ Roy turned around. ‘Good to see you around again!’ He paused for a second, then asked, ‘What’s with the frustrated face?’
‘Just a lil’ trouble with some idiot, no big deal.’ He put his hand on Roy’s shoulder. ‘Care to help me out for a bit here? I need to do a little… demolishing.’
Roy observed a group of people were leaving the Bastion. ‘Sure, but I wasn’t going to do anything tonight. Do we need to hurry?’
‘Nah it can wait!’ Andrea butted in, throwing her arm over Mitchell’s shoulder, smiling. ‘Think we all need a good night’s sleep anyway, right?’
‘No, that’s- Yeah, it’s fine.’ Mitchell contorted his face to express suffering. ‘Can you meet here tomorrow morning?’
He smiled. ‘I’ll be there! Take it the usual supplies are good enough?’
‘Yep, will do, see you then!’ Andrea hastily pulled Mitchell with her and moved out of the Bastion.

‘What was that all about?’ Mitchell suppressed the volume of his voice as he pushed Andrea’s arm off him. ‘Am I suddenly not allowed to chat it up with a friend?’
‘Not when you apparently got some damn serious issues!’ Andrea yelled as she threw her arms up in the air. ‘You scolding Warren like that was fun and all, and I get why you’re mad, but that were some terrible vibes you were giving off!’
Mitchell groaned. ‘How can you not get what’s going on here? It’s damn obvious Warren secretly hired those dudes to do what he can’t.’ He turned and started walking home. ‘It’s fucking pathetic, but you just keep your calm like it doesn’t even matter!’
She grabbed him by his shoulder and pulled to turn him back around. ‘I do care! But I also care for you, and seeing you suddenly snap like that was kinda scary.’
‘Well I…’ He stared at the ground. At the top of his vision were Andrea’s feet, anxiously shifting around. He took a few deep breaths, then continued. ‘I’m… sorry. I’ll try to keep a lid on my anger, maybe direct it towards something productive, okay?’
She giggled and brushed away a tear that had welled up in the corner of her eye. ‘Come here, you.’

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  • 02/05/2014 (12:13 AM)

    AND THEN THEY ALL FUCKED. THE END. There is no other way for this to go.

    • 02/05/2014 (10:36 AM)

      They all fucked? That’d be one tall, messy pile of humans alright.

      • 05/05/2014 (5:00 PM)

        Hello, we’re here for the gangbang? Beer boys, party of two?

        I dig the drama. Adds some fun to the non-action scenes.

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