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Laughable pants.

But totally worth it!

As you may have read, I went paintballing yesterday. I’m really tired and kind of in a hurry here, but I’ll give a short little rundown of how it went.
We started out by putting on our overalls and receiving our gear. We started out with 50 balls for free, and had to purchase any additional ammo. 50 is rather little, so most of us also purchased a “Light Pack”, 150 extra balls to shoot with. Our referee provided us with instructions about the gun; how to lock it into safety mode, do’s and don’ts, safety precautions, et cetera. After that we entered the playfield!

We started with two rounds of Team Deathmatch. We went up against another team, and had to try and gain as much ground as possible. Getting hit meant you had to walk back to your team’s base to respawn, so to say. Unfortunately our team had a little trouble covering ground, moving in deep, so both rounds we ended up getting kinda cornered. Still really fun though!

After a short break to refill balls and air, we went back to the same playing field, but this time to play Capture the Flag. A flag was hung in the middle of the area. Teams could score points by bringing the flag to their base, and then back to the center of the field. In the first round we got completely wrecked, 3 points for the enemy team against 0 for us. The second round went a bit better, winning 1 against 0. I set us up for that cap, going in and bringing the flag as far back as possible before getting the inevitable shot in the back.

Lastly were two rounds of Hardcore Team Deathmatch, where there were no penalties for getting shot. Didn’t enjoy this as much, since there was no real reward for hitting someone, and no real victory conditions either. Still, pretty fun.

All in all we had a great time. Getting shot didn’t hurt as much as expected, though getting hit in the back of the head does take some time to recover from. Also, hand-shots. Damn. I got bruises all over, muscles are a bit sore, but it’s all cool.

And with the paintball afterparty, and the paintball afterparty afterparty, it was close to 6 AM by the time I got home. Pff, so tired.
~ Fang

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