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Animated shorts would fit this nicely.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the idea of alternate universes, and the whole “everything exists somewhere” thing, right? Like how superheroes reside in an alternate universe where superheroes actually exist. But let’s make the difference a bit more subtle, while still letting it have a decent impact on the society there. You could think up a small change, write it out a little, and make a short (thinking a minute for the simpler, more jokey stuff, or three to five minutes for more serious topics), preferably animated sketch about that.

The example that caused me to conceive this idea, an alternate universe in which people don’t use plates for their food, they just dump it from the pan directly onto the table. Even just showing that happening as the single scene of the sketch can be made pretty funny with the right execution, I think. Element of surprise and all that.

Or you could pull one from the more serious topic pool. Say that when you conceive a child, you gain minor super powers related to being a parent. For example, being able to see out the back of your head or the ability to hear your baby from five kilometers away. While that on its own would be fun to explore, what would this mean for parents who don’t want their child? Would adoption still be a thing? If not, what would happen to unwanted babies? Taking care of a child that isn’t your own would burden it with a survival disadvantage. And what about the biological parents still hearing their child from far away?

This is starting to sound a bit like a “what if” series, but that’s what it is in essence, right? No matter the label, I think it’d be cool to do some writing for this sometime.
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