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Alien abduction during an acid trip in the Mojave desert

A programmer’s portfolio.

To aid with applying for internships (which I’ll be doing as soon as I got this sorted out), I’m setting up a proper good portfolio. But what should it even be like? My code? The things I did with my code? There isn’t a lot of really cool stuff I’ve completed (there’ll be a thing or two soon though), and I haven’t done any super neat programming trickery I could show off. It’s all rather basic stuff, so I tend to just not put it on my “portfolio things” list out of fear of looking like that kid who’s proud he knows two and two makes four.

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It’s finally happening!

After over two months of inactivity, I finally returned to Geometroids and do what I originally set out to do: finish a game, and give it a bit of polish while you’re at it. And so far, things are looking pretty good! I found some decent music to use on, and generated my own sound effects using the ever popular Bfxr. On top of finally adding sound, I also added some juicy effects like making objects glow when something happens, and shaking the screen when things get destroyed.

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Caves, p90

Ten more parts and Caves counts a hundred parts. Who knows what that’ll mean! (previous)

Whelhaven came into sight. Its cover was opened to a small crack, indicating it was probably morning again already.
‘I got it from here.’ Mitchell said, still carrying Andrea’s body in his arms. Both he and Roy were completely worn out, having gone a long time without sleep, on top of the physical and mental exhaustion. ‘You can go home now.’ His words slurred a bit, causing him to question if he was still making sense.
Roy put a hand on Mitchell’s shoulder. ‘Are you going to be alright?’ Asking that was more a formality than anything else. They both already knew the answer and the truth.
‘It’s fine, Roy.’ he said as he turned to keep his distance from the town. Right before Roy got out of earshot, Mitchell slowly worded, ‘See you.’

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Let’s face it, there’s been a point where you’ve wondered why your poop is brown.

Luckily that’s not what we’re going to be discussing today. The broad concept of that question still applies though, being curious to know the finer working, “how”s and “why”s of the human body. No, this isn’t “the talk”, nor will we be discussing birds and bees. Those aren’t even human, what are you thinking? We’ll be taking a quick look at why biology probably fascinates you (it should), even if not strongly enough to have you pursue a career in cutting people up. If you though “psychopathic murderer” instead of “surgeon”, then please seek mental help.

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Warning: mad, rad and super obvious spoiler for Caves inside. I’ve probably told you too much already.

I’d be lying if I said I killing off Andrea (a main character in Caves) was easy, fun or didn’t cause me to struggle. It’s the extreme opposite, actually. Hard, depressing and damn did it chip away at my soul. I found her to be a really lovable character, and her large role in the story wasn’t helping. But I think that wasn’t even the worst part about it. Yes, I’ve killed someone who has grown in my head. Yes, I’ve turned the story three-sixty degrees past the point of no return. I can learn to live with that though.

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