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‘Sup folks, how’s life today? Happy easter and/or 4/20 by the way!

I don’t want TV very often. Suppose I never really did, at least not in any “dude you need to stop watching TV” kind of way. And the last few times I seriously sat down to watch something probably was some documentary on Yellow Rectangle or Planet D or wherever. Let’s face it though, there’s a lot of terrible shit on TV. You don’t even have to watch it to know that. If you ever walk by the TV when a bunch of kids are watching, and on-screen is some badly-dubbed, humorless sitcom, then you know we’re pretty far downhill already.

But I’m not here to flail my arms over how bottom-tier the stuff people watch these days is. I’m here to talk about the television as a medium, and how it’s, in some ways, starting to behave more like the internet. You see, back in the day, before (or shortly after) color-TV and availability of more than the default five channels, there was no such thing as “television on demand”. Hell, you couldn’t even hit pause when watching a show, no matter how full your bladder was. But then some genius came along, heard everyone moaning “but when I buy a DVD I can pause it!”, and got to work. Soon enough, you could not only put television shows on hold, but you could also record and store them for later viewing.

Nowadays we got all these flashy “TV on demand” services like Netflix and the likes. Cool, great, but hang on a second. Lots of people watch these shows, illegally downloaded, on their computers. So then they set up a download service-esque service so people can download the shows to their television and watch it there? I know Netflix has a viewer thing for on your computer, but how come that wasn’t the primary platform right from the get-go? Am I missing something here?

See what I’m getting at? The way they are trying to make TV more dynamic, I guess in an effort to pull people back from their computers, makes the whole seem somewhat similar to the way you do things at your computer. Hell, “smart TVs” are already taking it a step too far. Just omit the fancy but generally worthless software, lower the price of the screen, and sell it as a TV you can hook up to your computer. Then put out an application which enables people to stream cable TV through their computer, and bam, unison!

But hey my movie just finished downloading, so I’m outie.
~ Fang


  • 21/04/2014 (6:13 PM)

    I just prefer streaming because I can choose what I want, when I want. Cable TV is BS. You pay an arm and a leg for 600 channels, and only 10-20 of them you ever watch. But no, you can’t just pay for those 10-20 channels, you HAVE to buy ALL of them.

    No thanks.

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