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Obscure references!

It’s seriously late and I’m super hungry, so hang on while I go grab something to eat.

There, better. Now, let’s get started! As a disclaimer, this is all highly confidential still a work in progress, but so far I’m pretty happy with how it looks. Spent a lot of the night working on it, after all.
SSR2, shorthand for SSRSSR, abbreviation for Seriously Simple RSS Reader, is the RSS reader you’re by now probably aware I’m developing. Decided it was high time I prettied things up a bit, since we’re getting close to the release. (I still haven’t implemented registration-less accounts though, and apparently registration and logging in is broken.) Was struggling a bit, not sure what exactly to do with it, until one fateful evening in the shower. Inspiration struck, and I came up with a design that could easily be made to fit smaller (mobile) screens as well.

To save y’all from god-awful pageload times, I won’t be embedding the images in this post. Instead, you can view them here: Normal/desktop screen sizes, small/mobile screen sizes.

Not pictured are “new” items, which are slightly accentuated. The colors on the sides are, as you may notice, unique to individual feeds. (“Fang Talks” generates into mucky mustard, yuck.) I feel like the mobile version still needs a bit of work, it feels a tad cramped. And of course the buttons and such up top need to be spiced up. The header could be cooler as well, but it shouldn’t really take your attention from the content. Maybe I’ll just leave that as is.

Though it’s just a static image (with piss-poor quality, sorry about that), it’d be cool if I could get some feedback. Does this seem clean and usable?
~ Fang


  • 29/04/2014 (3:58 AM)

    Well I’m biased because I saw my blog was on there but I do have to say that it looks good Fang. I think I’d definitely switch over to that from the thing I usually use. Now if you could find a way to import subscriptions from another service (if you haven’t already) that would be great.

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