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01 04 14


This is your friendly annual reminder that everything that has happened or will happen today should be taken seriously.

Yeah, sure, it’s April Fools’ day, but let’s get real here. That guy telling you your shoelace’s come loose? Heed his warning, you don’t want to trip! That new “headdit” feature on reddit? Can be mighty damn convenient, though it does need some minor tweaking. Google+’s automagic David Hasselhoff photobomb thing? Fucking brilliant, sign me up! Great way to pull people to G+ as a social photo sharing platform, too. Duolingo’s going to be adding Zombie, LOLSPEAK and Pirate (English) languages to their program, of which the latter I’ve been wanting to learn. StackExchange came with Unicoins, mineable for free, which allow you to buy all kinds of neat enchantments to the StackExchange network websites. League of Legends added a new gamemode, ultra Rapid Fire, where you can spam your abilities to your heart’s content. Great fun! And then I haven’t even covered this blog’s new features yet!

Whether you like it or not, April 1st is a great day for innovation. And that’s a good thing. People are trying new things, and though they’re usually not taken seriously, companies can (if they choose to) get decent input on how well the feature’s received, and use that data in future features or products. Consumers get to have a bit of fun, developers can go wild, and companies can learn a bit about their audience. Smiles for everyone!

Joke’s on you though, one of the blog’s new features is spyware.
~ Fang

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