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So the final part of this school year started today. We’ll be doing programming in C#. Hip hip hurray, except for, you know, it’s pretty much Microsoft’s language and support for it on OS X is pretty terrible. I found some good stuff that may work, but apparently I won’t install correctly, because nothing recognizes its presence.
O~okay, well dang, I just got it to work while writing this. Getting distracted easily sometimes helps, I suppose. Well, let’s just pick up where the story left off for now. Since I couldn’t get a development environment for C# running on OS X, I was forced onto my Windows partition. Good thing I had it, I could now use it for Visual Studio, the software recommended by our teacher (and made available to us for free by school).

Thing is, that partition still runs on Windows 7, and it’s seen its fair share of abuse. Apparently almost every piece of software you install comes with malware or adware of some kind, unless you explicitly disable it. The school network threw me an error, that due to suspicious network abuse I had been kicked out, and was only given one extra chance to retry. Obviously I had to remove any and all malware first, so I set out to do that. Downloaded Avast, which is apparently one of the better free scanners, and it found a whopping nine malicious files. A wild mix of spyware, adware, malware and a trojan. Fucking lovely. Removed those, battery ran out, and went home.

Just now I (after some messing around with Boot Camp) got Windows 8.1 installed on that partition. Yeah, went ahead and erased everything, there wasn’t anything important there anyway (I hope). I still feel awfully confused when I have to do basic tasks, like change a setting, but at least it feels a little bit more structured than 7? I won’t be using it full-time though, so I shouldn’t judge. I’ve never been good with Windows OS, in part because I never bothered/wanted to learn much.

But hey apparently all that was for naught since I apparently don’t need it for school anymore, what with now having things working on OS X as well? Cry.
~ Fang


  • 16/04/2014 (7:36 PM)

    I’m not really a big fan of windows 8 but I see where they were trying to go with it. For a desktop user, their metro interface makes lots of tasks that took 2 clicks to 3-4 clicks. And getting into safe mode to fix my mom’s win8 machine was a super pain in the @#$@.

  • 14/04/2014 (11:59 PM)

    I’ve never had any trouble learning a Windows OS. It always makes me wonder when I see people who do. At least you got what you wanted working, and managed to fix everything up. I always, always choose advanced install settings when I install something. Even if I know there’s not going to be any added software I do it out of habit. Almost everything has some crap it wants to install too.

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