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Very bad ass.

Damn I keep forgetting about these Caves days. Kinda hard not to though, with all the schoolwork going on. (Tomorrow, promise!)

We submitted our documents for the first iteration today, and now it’s preparing for the presentation tomorrow. Which is pretty much enjoying our time off become most of the presentation is an application demo, which is just showing off the shit we’ve made. And April’s started, which means the first monthly challenge between that friend I mentioned earlier and me has started! This month’s “theme” is “tech demos”. Nothing special, nothing restrictive. Lots of creative freedom, and a great way to practice.

To flex my muscles again I tried my hand at a particle physics system. Sounds fancy, right? Well all the particles do as of now is gravitate towards your cursor, and even that isn’t functioning super duper well. Got kinda bummed out with all the calculations I had forgotten, and turned to my precious, random generation. More specifically, I went and implemented a cellular automaton. Implemented the same thing a long time ago, but can’t find the post to link to. It essentially generates random 2D caves. Cool stuff for sure, and it was great being able to implement it off the top of my head!

Man, I really oughta get back into random generation of things. Dungeons, mazes, terrain, worlds, galaxies, whatever. This stuff is really fascinating and incredibly cool to learn about. But first, getting back to these basics and wrapping my head around the more common algorithms again. Those should provide a good starting point.

I’m out!
~ Fang

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