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22 04 14

Puzzle games

Or, I don’t know, games with puzzle mechanics? They’re not always the same thing.

Maybe it just isn’t my part of the scene, but as far as I can see there haven’t been a whole lot of puzzle games made recently. And if there are, they’re mostly getting buried under the tons of other games being churned out at rapid speed. I mean, sure, there’s a bunch of small puzzle-esque things for mobile, but those things have an average playtime of a minute, maybe two or three if they’re any good. I’m talking games you’ll sit down for to play. Hell, even Tetris counts here, since it’s essentially a block-stacking puzzle.

And I think it’s a real shame. Hell, I’d even be perfectly content with variations on some old classics, like the Puzzle League series. There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with physics-related puzzles, too. Sure a lot has been done already, but it’s grown rather stale and could do with some fresh new wares. I really like the Ace Attorney series too. Kind of a detective-like game, but can be seen as a puzzle too. (Edit: Snap, completely forgot about Antichamber.)

Then again, I’m afraid the market for puzzle games isn’t that big. Sure there’s a nice niche, which is worth a lot, but that’s about it. Your average gamer probably won’t care much for a game that is more mental than mechanics. Don’t quote me on that, but it’s what I expect.
At least we’re seeing a bunch of puzzle elements in exploration games and the likes? La Mulana is terrifyingly difficult simply because of its puzzles and cryptic hints, and that’s great fun… when you manage to solve them.

Do you ever play puzzle games? What kinds?
~ Fang

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