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Really Stupid Injury

About god damn time it was.

So today we gave the final presentation for the school project. The last two weeks had been rather busy thanks to it, and yesterday was kind of a nightmare. We handed in the documents only barely on time and then managed to implement the last few features nicely. We rehearsed our demo of the application, just to make sure we wouldn’t run into any issues. And just like that, without having changed anything about it, batch writing some stuff to the database suddenly didn’t work anymore. I double-checked to make sure everything was correct and in order, and it was. God fucking damnit.

Since it was supposed to be working, I didn’t hesitate to step to the nearest teacher with knowledge on the subject in question. This already proved a challenge, I was redirected to someone else twice. Finally found a guy with some know-how, and he agreed, things should work this way. We fucked around and eventually found a solution. I went back to my team, reported, and implemented the solution into the application. It didn’t work. “B-but we just tested this method and it did fine!” Well, screw that. I made a small change to split the batch into separate chunks, and that worked. Not the most elegant solution, but hey, time was scarce.

Presentation today went pretty well. The “real life customer person” was there as well, and he seemed decently pleased. We had a couple of edges over the other teams, but our documentation and tests were a bit so-so. In the end we averaged out at a 7.0 for our final grade. Not up to par with my personal average, but whatever, I’m just glad we’re done with this.

The application we had to make was alright, closely related to our field of work, but all the restrictions, requirements and huge load of documentation really didn’t help.
~ Fang


  • 11/04/2014 (2:13 AM)

    There does come a point where you just find yourself thinking “Fuck it, I’m done!” and just go with what you have. A 7.0 is still pretty impressive. Or it seems to be. I don’t really know how grade averages work.

    • 11/04/2014 (8:12 AM)

      Grades range from 1.0 to 10.0 here. Getting a 7.0 is pretty much a 70% score.

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