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24 04 14

Meditative rain

Hell, I can probably link this up to the same effect showers have if I tried.

So I went running again today, 17 minutes, two minutes of walking, and then 17 minutes again. Went pretty well, but we almost didn’t go. The weather’s been kinda unstable lately, flipping over from warmth and sunshine to windy storms and back again. Today was no real exception, but there was barely any wind. You could hear a nice rainstorm rolling in, with the occasional roar of thunder in the distance. “We could go tomorrow?” dad suggested. “Nah man, it’s almost been a week again, we need to do this.” I insisted. And just as we went out the door, it started raining.

Slowly at first, and eventually it started pouring. Frequency and intensity of the thunder increased, too. And you know what, I loved it. There was barely any wind, and the nice weather earlier today gave a lasting nice temperature. The rain kind of distracted from the running, which was nice for a change. And there’s something oddly liberating about not giving a shit about the rain. Normally when you’re biking home from work you’re all “oh fuck it’s raining”, but when I was running I know I could just dump my clothes away and take a nice shower. And hey, I didn’t feel disgustingly sweaty because I was wet all over. That’s a positive, I guess?

Not to mention I really like the roaring of thunder, especially when it just stays in the clouds. It’s such a… dense sound? A nice bass, really soothing. Spotted some nice strikes, too, which is always cool. Gotta appreciate the power of nature.
And for those wanting to go, “you could’ve been struck!”, don’t worry, I’m here typing this post now, right? ‘Sides, at least that’d be a cool way to go. And if you manage to survive (which is totally possible, let’s not forget that) you have a great story. “I was running so fast, even the lightning couldn’t keep up!”

Also while in the shower I came up with a design for SSR2 (new working title for that RSS reader thing) that is easy to make compatible with mobile devices. Hurray!
~ Fang


  • Eric
    28/04/2014 (2:27 AM)

    When I had a facebook, one of the few hobbies I wrote was “running in the rain”.

    I chose this post to comment in because it was the one that interested my most on the first page.

    I wanna type Fng in the anti-spam name box.

    sent you a png screenshot you requested.

    Even though trading reads shouldn’t be a social contract type thing, I still want to say that you have no reason to read my blog ’til I catch up on yours.

    Caves seems to be a thing to read, though if you think anything stands out, I’ll read that first.
    Or tell me anything to avoid!
    (e.g. on mine I’d say AVOID EVERYTHING except the puns. dont read my old opinions)

    I’ll keep my comments sparse even though I’ll have the impulse to comment on 1/2 of the posts. Essentially I want to use it as a method to say “hey I finished half of it now.”
    If I get tired of it I’ll tell you that too, or if you don’t hear from me by June I failed and won’t try again.

    I get ideas for programs but I don’t know where to check if it’s been done or sometimes I wonder if I should share anything at all without having a contract.
    As for you, I don’t have any clue about a contract and how I’d go about doing it if I wanted to (not at the moment), but that’s why I have not consulted you yet.
    I will do so in the future at least once.

    At the very least, I’d like to something involving the oculus rift.

    • Eric
      28/04/2014 (2:38 AM)


      meant to put quotes here
      (e.g. on mine I’d say “AVOID EVERYTHING except the puns. dont read my old opinions”)

      at the end I meant
      make something* involving the rift.

  • 25/04/2014 (12:29 AM)

    Good for you for taking the “no excuses” approach to this thing and going out in the rain. It’s a lot cooler than people give it credit for.

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