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“Look at me, not safely ejecting my external storage devices. So hardcore!”

Man oh man. If I had a penny for every time I saw someone act like that, I’d be a rich man. And if I had a Dollar for every time something bad happened as an effect of that cause, I’d sadly only be a couple Dollars richer. Still, the dangers of not safely ejecting your USB stick every time you’re done with it are fairly real. Even though there isn’t anything being written to it, you never know when removing a mounted device will break it.

And it’s really stupid. It takes literally two seconds for you to click the little icon and wait for it to eject, and can save you a ton of headaches in the long run, especially if you’re dealing with the drive you keep your backups on. You have been keeping regular backups, right? Man, you really should. Especially if you’re on an older computer, or you have a laptop you run around with constantly. You really should be taking backups at least twice a year. Hell, you probably have a hard drive laying around, possibly use it for movies. Chances are it’s big enough to hold all your precious photos and whatever. If not, either back up only the important documents (school, work, your will, etc.) or go out and invest in a decently spacious drive. They aren’t that expensive anymore, nowadays.

I have to admit, I am sometimes guilty of this “living dangerously” thing. Today, for the school project, we wanted to test some functionality that should delete a specific set of items, but not all. I tried pulling a backup beforehand but the system we’re working with is just so unfriendly. So I took another good look at the code for it and went, “what could possibly go wrong”. Well, nothing went wrong. Go figure.
And just now, WordPress gave me a “update to the latest version” thing, along with the mandatory warnings including “back up your site before updating”. This wouldn’t have been very hard, but I took a good look at the change log (mostly minor security stuff) and determined, “what could possibly go wrong”. I hit update, and the blog seems to be running just fine still.

Not saying you can get away with this kind of shit. No, not at all! But a bit of risk-assessment beforehand goes a long way. Educate yourself.
~ Fang

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