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Which I just blatantly disregarded myself.

There’s a bunch of little things you can do to reduce the amount of stress you go through on a daily basis. Of course “chill the fuck out” is right at the top of that list. There’s a couple others that seem obvious but are often forgotten or underestimated. I’ll share one with you today. It’ll save you some stress, and ensures you don’t suddenly lose several hours of sleep.

Ever catch yourself checking your email right before bed? Why do you do that? I’m guilty of it too, but when there’s an important email in there you can’t just let it sit, right? You’ll probably go, “eh, whatever” and get to business right away, even though you’re supposed to go to bed. Wrong, no, stop! Don’t do that! Chances are it won’t be as quick as fix as you think it is, especially since your brain’s already getting sleepy. You’ll end up spending an hour doing whatever that email prompted you to, and sure it’s all done now, but you lost some solid good sleep and the quality of the end result is probably not as good as could be.

So there’s my advice, don’t follow up on emails, messages or whatever right before you go to bed. Or before you need to go anywhere, really. You might miss your train! Sure the other person will be waiting a bit longer for their reply, but in the case of email, it’s an asynchronous medium anyway. It’s natural for there to be a delay in sending an email and receiving a reply. And if there’s something really urgent, people will call.

As I said I disregarded this rule myself just now. WordPress 3.9 got released and I upgraded despite wanting to go to bed soon. If something had gone wrong, I might’ve spent the next couple hours patching things up!
But neat, this new version auto-saves the blog post you’re currently writing to your browser, so it can restore from there if the server is lagging behind. Cool! And hey, distraction-less full-screen mode, too. Dis gun b gud for writing. (Too bad having no distractions distracts me.)

Keep this in mind the next time you do a late-night check of your email and whatever!
~ Fang

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