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“The last 10% is 90% of the work.” -Some pretty clever guy, some time ago.

You may have heard (or not, chances are you couldn’t care much less) that the Seriously Simple RSS thing is feature-complete now. What this means is that all the basics are there, and what little additional features there were have been stripped because they weren’t really necessary for good usability anyway. I’ve yet to get to writing a proper good statistics page, but that’s more for me to see how it’s coping, so there’s no big priority on that right now. What I need to do to get it finished is pretty it up a little.

And that’s where motivation always drops for me. And apparently that holds true for web development. It shouldn’t be that hard, I just need to pick some nice colors that go well together (oh man), throw them onto a simple, clean design (oh boy), and give it those tiny tweaks it needs for a good user experience (God be with me). In theory it isn’t all that hard, in practice it’s still fairly doable, but pushing yourself to do it is the hard part here. During these last few percents of development the effort to direct reward ratio is just so little. You know it’s important for a good product, but the dopamine just isn’t coming.

But this is what separates the strong from the weak. This is where I must keep pushing forward and release a slightly mediocre product and garner a nearly nonexistent use-base, rather than not releasing a product at all. If anything, it is going to serve me well. All other people who’ll benefit from it I count as a nice bonus.

Actually no wait, I just remembered a thing that’ll make it even more easy and user-friendly. The ride never ends. (I swear I’ll finish it after this feature.)
~ Fang


  • 18/04/2014 (2:00 AM)

    I find the last 10% to be difficult when it comes to several things that I do. The difficult stuff is what you want to get done though. Keep pushing through and get it done. You can count any new features as updates, so it’s always 100%.

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