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Recently, more and more people have been going “Email? Nobody uses that anymore.” And it’s kind of concerning.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about how email was becoming the letter writing of the modern day. And just as with letters, people are starting to move on to “fancier” methods of communications. And using those methods alongside email is fine, but completely pushing email aside? Ridiculous.
Let’s start of by agreeing on the fact that almost literally everyone who uses the internet has an email address. You need it to register for most every service these days. Hell, even most “new fangled” instant messaging services require an email one way or another. So, “who still uses email?” Everyone.

As I said, using other messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, etc. is all fine. But let’s not forget those are instant messaging services. They’re instant. And while that’s great, I often feel like it discourages thorough, in-depth discussions of topics, and rather pushes people to just make small-talk. Again, nothing wrong with that per se. What is wrong, is when people start saying they won’t use email for communication since they got their IM.

Precisely because of the difference in what is communicated through IM and email, I think it’s important to use a healthy mix of both. Some of the best, most productive and educating conversations I’ve held over the internet have gone through email (amongst other forms of non-instant messaging, like forums and the likes). It’s great how you get the time to sort out your thoughts before answering instead of being pressured to answer within a minute.

I hope y’all can see why email isn’t all that bad. Don’t be afraid to send a reminder over email instead of a text message!
~ Fang


  • TheOnlyJoey
    30/04/2014 (1:31 AM)

    I don’t think Email is dying, to be honest, I think it is becoming more and more important.

    Personally, I don’t have facebook, starting to discard Whatssapp, and even though I use twitter, I hate it as a messaging platform.

    I think it really depends on the group of people you are talking to, some prefer Email of Phone, some prefer Social media, some still do everything by IRC etc.

    One thing that every type of communication has in common, is that it is linked to a Email account, the one thing you need to register all of these things (well with IRC and maybe phone, depending on if you use a smartphone).
    I personally am done with ‘dead tree messaging’ for quite a while, and email seems the only good alternative since it is not forced to a huge EULA, you can host it yourself or at another company, and it is as (ad)free as you can get.

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