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23 04 14

Caves, p81

“I should be finishing my homework but Caves takes priority” edition. (previous)

‘Actually,’ Mitchell smiled. ‘There’s a cure for that! If you-‘
The bald guy interrupted him. ‘Eh no. We… Already tried everything doctors came up with, an’ then some.’
‘But I can-‘ Mitchell tried getting a few words in, but after quickly eying their construction, the man interrupted again. ”Sides, we already got half the work done. Be a waste to do away with all it.’
Frustration was trying to break through Mitchell’s facade, but he didn’t let it. ‘Please just let me fini-‘
‘Better get back to work now, damn thing ain’t gonna build itself.’ He turned around and waved at the group. ‘Was fun talkin’, y’all kids stay safe.’

‘Well this is a fucking pain in the ass.’ Andrea sighed. ‘We can’t just, like, kick ’em out.’
Mitchell rustled his hand through Mara’s hair as she came out of hiding. ‘A trip back and forth to check on their mother would give ’em another day for construction, don’t think we want that.’
‘Cantcha just break it?’ Mara asked.
‘Yeah,’ Mitchell nodded. ‘Can’t we just?’
Andrea rubbed the back of her head. ‘Not sure if there’s a law against it.’ She looked at the structure. The worker who was spraying the liquid before was now shoveling more gravel onto the heap. ‘There should be though, can’t just thrash other people’s stuff.’ Noticing how odd a thing that was for her to say, she shook her head.
‘Isn’t that exactly what they’re doing?’ His arms started moving as he spoke. He was coming up with a plan. ‘They’re indirectly messing with Mara’s village, trashing their stuff, sort of. There should be something illegal about that, right?’
Andrea was quick to follow up. ‘Believe there’s a couple things members of the Bastion can put a halt to when given permission…’ Her sentence slowed to a halt. ‘By Warren.’
‘We need to at least try. But not before setting these guys back a bit.’

Writing while keeping tabs on a discussion about mixing procedural generation and hand-crafting of levels is not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. (next)
~ Fang


  • 24/04/2014 (1:16 PM)

    You should write free of distractions, except perhaps music. There’s a few words missing here and there but nothing a little proof reading won’t solve.

    • 24/04/2014 (3:53 PM)

      If you’re talking about some of the bald guy’s sentences, then that’s just the way he talks. Am I going a bit overboard with that?

      • 24/04/2014 (4:43 PM)

        I didn’t notice any missing words, but I don’t claim to be the sharpest crayon in the box. I like the way the bald guy talks. It’s good to have different characters talk in different ways. When everyone sounds the same, things get boring quickly.

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