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15 04 14

Caves, p79

And so our heroes set out to help a filthy girl with piss-poor handwriting. (previous)

It was a decently long walk to the “camp” Mara had referred to in her note, but it helped both Mitchell and Andrea had a good idea of where it was located… approximately. They had to wander around for a bit before eventually finding the lone tree. It had started to wither, most leaves had already fallen to the ground. Despite the lack of foliage to hide herself in, Mara still acted like she couldn’t be seen. ‘Psst, up here!’ she whispered from up in the tree. ‘Is me!’
‘Oh, there you are!’ Andrea joked as Mara came climbing down the tree. ‘This is yours, right?’ She took out the note and unfolded it.
‘Yeahhhbut…’ She stared at Mitchell. At his face. No, she seemed to be looking past it. ‘You ‘kay?’ Her head tilted slightly as she attempted to estimate Mitchell’s fitness.
‘Oh, heh.’ It took Mitchell some time to understand what she was getting at. Both he and the people around him had gotten used to it by now. ‘It’s fine, nothing to worry about.’

The child frowned, obviously still concerned about things. ‘But!’ She snapped herself out of worry as she remembered there were more important matters. ‘But, but!’ she exclaimed, jumping up and down nervously. ‘Ther’s trouble hapnin! Badbad trouble!’
‘Hey now.’ Andrea motioned for her to calm down. ‘We figured as much. Can you slowly explain what the problem is?’
She pointed in the direction of her village. ‘Is closing! They’s closing the skyhole!’
Mitchell took a step back in shock. ‘They’re what now?’
‘Hold up.’ Andrea snarled. ‘Who the fuck is they?’
‘Peeps!’ Mara started jumping again, subtly moving in the direction she had pointed in. ‘Drying the water an’ builling stuff!’
‘Warren you fucking promised…’ Mitchell muttered. ‘Mara, we’ll help you out.’

Oh man I haven’t written dialogue for Mara in ages, it just doesn’t feel the same anymore. And I can’t get away with it being a “she’s grown up a little” thing because it’s only been, what, a month of two since we last saw her? (FYI, misspellings are still used to reflect the way she talks.) (next)
~ Fang


  • 17/04/2014 (3:33 PM)

    I hate to do this Fang…I really, really do…

    THEY’RE not THEIR.

    I’m sorry I had to do that. Other than that is was a good chapter and Warren is a dick.

    • 17/04/2014 (4:42 PM)

      It was intentional, since I thought “they’re” and “their” are pronounced slightly differently. But apparently that’s not the case? So I’ll go change that now. :u

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