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07 04 14

Caves, p77

Man, the three days in between parts feel like they’re getting shorter and shorter! (previous)

‘Monster Slayer Mitchell.’ Carefully articulating every syllable, Marius tried to work up his opponent. ‘Pull that sword, come on.’
Despite his anger building, Mitchell didn’t budge. He still had the hilt in hand, but he had no intention of giving in to Marius’ obvious provocations. Nigel on the other hand wasn’t catching on. ‘Hey Mitch,’ he whispered. ‘Probs don’t wanna fight hi-‘ His words of needless advice were swallowed in his haste to dodge Marius, who suddenly leapt onto Mitchell.
As the daggers closed in on his face, Mitchell let go of his sword’s hilt. He moved his body to the left and put his right hand out to grab one of Marius’ blades. As he pulled it down, he turned to follow the flight of his assailant, put a hand in his neck, and pushed him down. No sound escaped Marius as he got slammed into the ground.
‘Who the fuck fights with a dull blade?’

Marius grunted. ‘Shit, okay!’
‘Are you coming back to Whelhaven?’ Mitchell pushed the neck down a bit harder. ‘I don’t want people dying, you know.’
‘Yes, fuck!’ He exclaimed. ‘Just let go of my neck, it burns!’ After getting released, he stood up and dusted himself off. When trying to rub his neck, he jolted.
‘Minor burn.’ Mitchell noted. ‘Nothing time can’t heal.’ He noticed the look on Nigel’s face, and wasn’t sure if it was surprise or awe. ‘Nigel, let’s escort him back now.’
‘Uh,’ Nigel stammered. ‘Sure thing bud.’ He quickly joined up with Marius and started some smalltalk. It was a rather one-sided conversation, so it seemed Marius was back to his normal self.

As he turned around to leave, Mitchell thought he saw something glint in the distance. His eyes shot back, but he couldn’t make anything out. He sighed when he noticed how tired he was feeling, both physically and mentally. But his bed was still a long walk away.

Casual progressions of magical powers, or just a really hot-blooded individual? You be the judge. (next)
~ Fang


  • 08/04/2014 (12:49 AM)

    Was Welhaven always spelled with two h’s? I thought it only had one, how I just spelled it. I’m personally hoping for casual progression of magical powers. Good work with the fight too. I had to write a sword fight once, and I’ve got to do it again. It can be difficult. I had to picture it in my head and sometimes even took out my own sword to make sure it was possible.

    • 08/04/2014 (7:49 AM)

      Yep, it’s always been spelled al “Whel” instead of “Wel”, though I sometimes regretted that decision.
      Thanks! Yeah, I stood up to try out how some movements felt a couple times too, haha.

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