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03 04 14

Caves, p76

A day late, but here it is. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. (previous)

It wasn’t very long before they found Marius. Laying on the ground face down, half asleep. He still had his blades in his hands, the right one blunt and stumpy as expected.
‘Yo.’ Nigel gave him a soft kick in his side. ”Sup?’ His voice was monotonous. Though he was trying to be supportive towards his friend, it didn’t make him less mad at the stupid actions Marius had taken.
Marius rolled onto his side. ‘Kinda hungry.’ It seemed to be all he could mutter.
‘I got some food supplies left over.’ Mitchell put his hand in a satchel and rummaged around. ‘Have some i-‘
‘Hungry for vengeance.’ Marius interrupted as he clumsily crawled back on his feet. ‘Fuckin’ monsters.’
Nigel took a step back as he saw his arms swing around. ‘Woah dude, y’ain’t go nowhere ‘cept with us.’

‘Don’t tell me what to do!’ Marius burst out. ‘I roll alone in this! The fuck are you here for anyway?’ He pointed at Mitchell, blade slicing through the air as he did. ‘The fuck is he here for? Some hero, not finishing his job while he’s at it.’ He nudged his head to the side, swinging his hair away from his eyes. He turned around, muttered something incomprehensible, and slowly continued on his way.
Mitchell threw Nigel a confused look. Nigel, in turn, shrugged and shook his head. Within a few swift steps they had caught up again.
Nigel grabbed Marius by his shoulder, who pulled away before even a single word could be spoken to him. ‘Marius, c’mon, y’ain’t seriously-‘
‘Seriously what? Out for the wyverns?’ His face was reddening with rage. ‘Fuck yes I am!’

‘Shit,’ Nigel grunted. ‘Man, you can’t take ’em out. Even Mitch couldn’t.’
Marius swung his arms, and thus his blades, around again. ‘So he’s the champ now? He’s as good as they get?’ He spat in Mitchell’s general direction, who was standing a small distance away from the two. ‘Punk-ass bitch can’t harm me if he wanted to. Wanna duke it out?’ He was making small steps forward while maintaining eye contact with Mitchell. ‘Wanna see if I’m up to it?’
Mitchell stood paralyzed. He wasn’t scared per se, but didn’t know how to react to the situation. ‘I’d… rather not?’
‘What, chickening out on me, Monster Slayer?’ Marius was getting dangerously close, and had his daggers held ready for stabbing.
Mitchell grabbed the hilt of his sword, but didn’t unsheathe it yet. ‘Don’t you call me that.’

Don’t remember Marius being this talkative? Me neither. His mouth sure gets surprisingly active when he’s mad. (next)
~ Fang


  • 07/04/2014 (4:15 PM)

    Ooh, tense. Very tense. I want to see this throwdown happen. Chop chop! (literally and figuratively)

  • 04/04/2014 (2:16 AM)

    Macho lunatic? Check
    Monster slayer? Check
    Badass fight scene? We can only hope.

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