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I’m getting worse and worse at titling these all-over-the-place this-was-my-day posts. Solution? Do ’em less. What will I end up doing? Keep putting out this shit.

The presentation and review of the products of the school project’s Elaboration phase were today. Everything had to be emailed to the teachers yesterday by midday. What did they do? At 10:30 AM, they sent an email stating that in addition to submitting everything via email (we knew this), we also had to hand it in on paper. It was implied that this had the same midday deadline as the email. Considering how most students in our class have about an hour of travel time to get to school, people were freaking out a little bit. This was quickly follow by “what the fuck is this shit”, and in the end only two or three teams ended up handing it in on paper in time. Luckily we had someone on our team who lived very close by, but other teams weren’t so fortunate.

Did the presentation this morning, started off with the prototype I had built. Showed them what it did (it could generate some code, which was great, as the purpose of the prototype was to prove this was possible using your definition), and walked through the code real quick. And suddenly I’m getting all kinds of shit for naming conventions, bad comments, efficiency. Dude please, it’s a fucking prototype. The purpose and very definition of a prototype is that it’s hastily tacked together to prove or test functionality. Don’t go give me flak for naming that one function something that could maybe be interpreted to have a slightly different meaning that intended.

Afterwards we walked through the documents real quick, got some feedback and, surprisingly, a couple of “yeah I liked this” from the guy we haven’t had a positive word from so far. Sadly, we also missed a couple of parts, despite having double-checked everything literally eight times. Well, at least all groups have a 5.5 or higher, or so the rumor goes. We’ll see how it turns out.

I spent most of the rest of the day working on the SSRRSS to fight off impending depression. It was a productive day.
~ Fang

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