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For some reason it just seems kind of weird.

I wonder if the creators of Soap Name Here actually wash their hands with their own product. Or if candy designers eat their own candy. Don’t know why, but the whole deal of using something you made seems kind of odd to me. Nothing against it, just a bit of an absurd situation in my eyes. Maybe I find it a tad arrogant? Who knows. Personally, I can speak about a few fields of work regarding this topic.

Do game developers play their own games? Yeah sure, for play testing. But for fun? Well, if they haven’t gotten sick of it after running test after test, then yeah, I don’t see why not. Nothing particularly strange here, some people even make games just for themselves, never releasing them to the public.

Do web developers use their own websites? Depends. Of course chances are slim they’ll be visiting a client’s website out of free will often, but they’ve probably made their own website themselves. Then what about utility websites? Well, my RSS reader is already functional enough to be taken into use (though it’s definitely not the prettiest thing yet), and I think I will as soon as it becomes a slightly more solid product. Doesn’t mean I won’t feel weird for doing so. Sure I started the project as something for myself, a custom-built reader that did what I needed it to. But now that it’s evolved to serve multiple users, eh. I’ll feel like a God mingling with the mortals.

Do writers read their own books? Oh man, tough question. I haven’t published jack shit, and chances I ever officially will are sort of low. If I had to guess though, I’d say definitely not. Where’s the excitement in reading a story you already know by heart? Not to mention they’ve been through the whole thing, editing, three, four, ten times already.

Do engineers use their own creations? Do musicians listen to their own music? Do coffin makers get buried in a coffin they made?
~ Fang


  • Joey
    26/03/2014 (9:35 AM)

    The short answer, depends on the person.

    I know for sure that software developers use their own software, specially in the Open Source industry, because that is the main reason they develop it. (the idea that other software is inferior, so they create there own).
    It most of the time also has to do with credibility and the concept of improving what you are creating by allowing yourself to walk right into the flaws and weak points of what you are creating.

    I don’t think this is different in more ‘creative’ industries.
    As a former fulltime musician, I created music because of a creative vision and from emotion, I love to hear what I have created myself and I can enjoy that immensely because it sounds the way I wanted it to sound.
    For me it is easier to hear the flaws in my own creations then frustrate myself with the flaws of others, because I made them and I can fix them, but well, that is a perfectionists opinion I guess.

    Oh and for the record, I can play my own prototypes for hours!

  • 26/03/2014 (6:29 AM)

    As a photographer, I do look at my own photos! ;)

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