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The post you're reading right now is a prophecy.

Yeah go ahead, fill the schedule, it isn’t like I need at least an hour of free time a day anyway.

I mean God, fucking, damnit. Okay, okay, I may be a bit spoiled, but most of my time the past three, four days has been spent working on the current school project. And it’s tiring as fuck. Wake up early, go to school, take some lessons, spend the rest of the day there working on the project, go home, eat, work some more, and head to bed early because you need to get up at six again the next day. Granted, we’re making some damn fine progress, and the thirty-minute breaks we plan once a day are nice and fun, but I just don’t have time for my own stuff anymore. Hell, I’ll be lucky if I can manage my email and blog twice a day!

There’s people whose studies essentially require this each and every day. I have absolutely now idea how they can live, even if they immensely enjoy their school work. If I don’t get some regular downtime in sizable chunks then I just can’t deal. Yeah I’m still managing, but man oh man.

And that one teacher isn’t helping. We pulled him in today to come and look at one thing we still weren’t certain about. You know, to ask if we had interpreted the requirements right. What does he do? “Yeah no this is wrong, and that too. Not to mention those!” He sort of has valid points, but it’s more and more starting to look like he’s just out to get us. The threw a couple demotivators our way, “considering the amount of work you still have to do, your best option it to leave this be and focus on that”, but luckily we managed to turn those into a challenge. And guess what? We got most things finished now! The asshole assumed we were slackers because we asked for advice this close to the deadline (tomorrow midday), but we put on some Two Steps From Hell, plowed through, and proved him wrong. (Trust me, if you can get that epic music playing over the classroom’s speakers while you’re working with a whiteboard and a beamer, your positivity peaks!)

I’ll be off to bed now. Up at eight tomorrow to check things one last time, and prepare the presentation after that.
~ Fang


  • Mark
    18/03/2014 (11:25 AM)

    I wanted to say that the good thing about working so hard all the time is that you’ll get your projects done and out of the way early. I see this isn’t the case here though. No one should have to put in that much work unless it’s an actual paid job that requires it. People need rests and downtime.

  • 18/03/2014 (6:25 AM)

    Sounds rough. I always did well in school and did a bit of college but it all seemed just unnecessary to me. Can’t I just go learn and do anything I want? Why do I have to pay 4k a quarter to have people tell me what to do a regurgitate it back. Anyways rant over and I’m sure it will be worth it in the end to finish school.

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