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Sick fires

You know who you are, you sadistic tyrant you.

There’s this one friend of mine, who’s always on the hunt for my “struggles”. Basically if something’s troubling me, you can count on him to enjoy it. Though probably not the case, I sometimes suspect him of getting off on that stuff, hence the title of this post. Sure, it’s fun at times, but it also sucks when you’re all bummed out, try to relax and have some fun in a Skype call and/or game of League, and he’s just continuously laughing at everything you say and do. Those are my struggles.

I kid, it really isn’t all that bad, and I can usually laugh along. It still feels super weird though, that there’s people out there who read your blog solely to stay up to speed on the more frustrating parts of your life. Not that they aren’t allowed to read it, I willingly put my rants out here after all. It’s just, every little thing. Something shitty going on at school? Got something work-related to vent about? People using Comic Sans MS? Suck at games? He’s always there, with his bag of popcorn, enjoying the show.

It’s usually all really minor stuff though, these struggles. Maybe that’s what’s so hilarious about them, how I can whine and bitch over tiny irrelevant “issues”. Man do I feel wimpy all of a sudden. Is it really that bad? Nah, needing to vent about the tiny things is perfectly normal, right? Right? Oh fuck, god, there’s the insecurity kicking in. What have you done to me?

So here’s another “struggles post” for you. Happy now? (I wanted to go for a more cynical write-up, but don’t really have much material to go on here.)
~ Fang


  • 10/03/2014 (8:07 PM)

    I’m not one to watch others squirm unless they really deserve it. I’m more of a helper like Mark. But if they DO deserve it, then pass the beer. I want to be front row as this plays out…

  • Farrok
    10/03/2014 (5:25 PM)

    Who is this guy? Sounds like a total douche. No but in all seriousness if you ever have a real problem you can always talk to me. But until then let the struggles continue. muhahahaha >:)

  • Mark
    10/03/2014 (1:27 PM)

    Depends on the person really Fang. I tended to be the kind of guy who enjoyed talking to people about their problems, but I genuinely wanted to help them with them. I wanted them to get them off their chests, and helping other people always made me feel better about myself.

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