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14 03 14

Room for moving

For the third time I helped a friend with setting up things in their new room. The list of people I can call upon for similar duties is slowly growing.

So yet another friend of mine has moved out of his parents’ house and is now living on his own in a student apartment. He didn’t have any furniture there yet, so he had to buy some. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the IKEA? Big Swedish fast-furniture chain, idiot-proof construction manuals and notorious for sometimes leaving you with an extra screw, wondering if it’s a spare or if you messed up. Well, he bought a desk, shelf and bed there, and my task was to assist him in helping assemble all that.

Including lunch break, we spent roughly seven hours on it. It wasn’t particularly challenging or hard work per se, it just took a lot of time. And hey, having to manage large parts in limited space does slow you down a bit. Still, we got everything set up for him. His mattress is currently taking its 72 hours to settle so he’ll be sleeping really well when he returns there at the end of the weekend.

I’m starting to become a bit of an expert on cheap “DIY” furniture kits. All this experience is going to come in handy when I move out, and I already mentioned I have a small list of people who owe me in this field, so I’d say I’m settled. Won’t be long before I have a whole team I can just command around while I sit around, sipping on my iced coke.

It’s been a long day though, and there’s a busy weekend ahead of me. Good night!
~ Fang


  • Mark
    17/03/2014 (12:28 PM)

    I think when you ask someone to help you, no matter how much they owe you, you have to do a little work. I’ve had one piece of flatpack furniture that a friend assembled. It was a bedside table and it fell apart because there were parts that hadn’t been put on. Should I ever shop at IKEA you can be damn sure I’m going to follow the manual perfectly and pray they gave me extra parts, and that I didn’t make a mistake.

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