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Is that a short joke?

PowerPoints are so easy dude! Holy shit!

A friend recently complained how some of the students in his class had the worst PowerPoints ever. It still amazes me how people can fuck this up so badly, because making slides for your presentation is super easy. Not talking the technical part here, but just the general concept of how you want your slides to be.
Let me start of by listing what you absolutely don’t want them to do. No matter what the situation or circumstance, it is never a good idea to fill any or all slides up with text. Why the hell would you put all that there if you’re just going to end up repeating it? Or worse, reading the slide to your audience. It doesn’t even add anything, and even worsens people’s attention because they’re dividing it between reading your shitload of text and listening to whatever you may be mumbling.

Which bring us right into our first and most important point of what you do want to do. Your slides need to be an addition to your presentation. Not the exact text, usually not some summary, and never shitty fucking clipart. Addition. Maybe a simple diagram for clarification, or some data points you want to elaborate on. Slides are there to accompany your words, not replace them.
That being said, if you have some images you might be able to put them to good use. Graphs, diagrams, those kinds of things always do well. But beware, don’t make them too complicated. Your audience needs to be able to tell what it’s all about at a glance. You don’t want to distract them!

What, you expected more? That’s like the two golden rules of presentation slides right there. All you ever need!

That’s how you make PowerPoints. Keep them simple. Have them add stuff to what you’re saying. So easy dude!
~ Fang


  • Mark
    22/03/2014 (2:05 AM)

    I think one of the things with them is that people put all of the information on the slides, rather than coming up with an entire presentation and using the slides as prompts. I haven’t had to make a powerpoint in years though, so what do I know?

    • 23/03/2014 (11:26 PM)

      PowerPoints really haven’t changed all that much. In part thanks to people’s stubbornness and stupidity, I guess.

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