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Double-reverse irony
10 03 14


Oh man oh boy, we have to take an internship next year! Woo, real life experience with actual things!

Had another lesson of “job application training”. There’s four lessons of this to aid us in our search for an internship. We picked up where we left off last time, going into more detail on how your resume should look, and what a proper application letter should contain. We also went over how important a LinkedIn profile is. I created one, but don’t feel mighty comfortable in how it essentially forced you to put semi-personal information out there for the world to see. As if it wasn’t easy enough to track my steps of life already. Then again, maybe I should stop being this much of a tight-ass.

Anyway, since we have to get some practice with applying for jobs and internships, we had to take a look around, browse the web for a bit, and find a vacancy that interested us. I couldn’t really find anything interesting, was lucky if a site turned up two or three results with the word “game” in them. And most web development ones either seemed to simple or downright “meh”. But then one little gem showed up. “Coding Intern on the kidsgames market.” Essentially game programming for games with a target demographic of ages 12 and under. Game programming. They have a required “Advanced knowledge of one of the following computer languages” list, and most items in that list I can check off as “pretty damn experienced”. What’s even better, Lua is included in that list! Oh, and there’s pay too!

Sadly, the listing’s for a company in Hamburg, Germany. And the time period they list doesn’t even overlap with the time during which I’m supposed to take my internship. God damnit. And it looked so cool, too! Granted, I didn’t have enough information to make a decision yet anyway,
I haven’t given up though. I’ll be contacting them to ask if they’re hiring interns in my time period, and if so, if they provide accommodation for international interns. I have my hopes up they do, what with the job being in English and them not expecting German and all, so they likely get international interns frequently. Still, if they’re not willing to take me on my time, then it doesn’t matter.

Here’s hoping. I better write a damn fine email. (Sidenote, revamped the landing page. Much sexier now.)
~ Fang


  • Mark
    11/03/2014 (2:43 AM)

    I’m sure you can come up with a damn sexy email to woo those Germans. Maybe you can offer to build them the bomb. They might have one by now but there’s no harm in trying. In all seriousness, good luck with it. I hope they can do something for you.

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